Scott Vandenberg

Computer Science Department

313 Roger Bacon Hall

518-783-2490 (office)

518-477-5763 (home)


Home page:

Office Hours: See my schedule.

I will use primarily email to keep in touch with you. My job as your advisor is to answer any questions you have about the Siena community and to give you advice about how to approach life at the College, especially when it comes to choosing your courses, major, minor, etc. In addition, Iím here for you if have any problems, academic or otherwise, that you think I could help you with.

We will see each other every semester at course registration time, but I hope to see more of you than that: my job is not to tell you what courses to take, but to help describe the options and talk about your interests and goals -- any decisions should be yours, with advice from me taken into account. It's not a good use of your time or mine for me to just read to you from the catalog, so you must make yourself familiar with the College's curriculum. That will allow us to have substantive discussions when we meet.

Before course registration time each semester, Iíll send you an email to let you know how to set up a face-to-face meeting.

Finally, hereís what I expect from you:

  1. See me when you have questions or problems!
  2. Memorize the College Catalog. Just kidding -- but you should be familiar with it and use it: it can answer many of your questions. Note that the catalog for the year you first entered Siena is the one you should follow.
  3. When you come to meet with me for course registration each semester, I expect you to have at least one possible set of courses worked out, with proper prerequisites and no time conflicts. Questions about major, minor, and graduation requirements can usually be answered by looking in the catalog, so by the time you meet with me weíre ready to discuss important things like which courses would be best for you this semester, etc. The schedule you bring me may change after we talk, but it gives us a starting point.
  4. Check out the advising web pages, which have a lot of useful information on things like registration procedures, dropping courses, and more information about what you should and should not expect from an advisor.