Student IMPACT Program

A Programming Contest Alternative
Dr. MaryAnne Egan



The purpose of this program is to provide high school students who have demonstrated academic talent, especially in mathematics and problem-solving, with an opportunity to explore some of the ways that college students and professionals think and work in computer science and information systems. This opportunity is for students who have not experienced computer science and are undecided about their academic and career goals. The one day program will give participating students the chance to investigate areas in which they have potential talent. Recent U.S. Department of Labor surveys indicate that 6 out of the 12 fastest growing occupations are fields that require college degrees in CS or IS.



This program is for high school juniors and seniors who are enrolled in or have successfully completed Pre-Calculus but have not taken any computer programming courses. Our department holds a programming contest event every spring for high school students enrolled in courses that teach computer programming. Ideally, participants in IMPACT will be strong math students/problem solvers, can be described as “people persons”, have good communication skills and have not seriously considered academic and career opportunities in computer science and/or information systems.