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CSIS-400 Computer Graphics (Fall 2002)

In this course we explore the mathematical and algorithmic principles of computer graphics as well as graphical applications programming. Taking a top down approach, we begin the course with an introduction to OpenGL, a portable graphics library and industry standard designed by a consortium of companies including SGI and Microsoft. Using this library, students are able to write fairly sophisticated graphics applications in a short time. Once familiar with this graphics library, we then explore the underlying principles of this and other graphics libraries. Topics we cover include two and three dimensional transformations, projections, shading, modeling, and algorithmic issues. Understanding these topics requires at least a working knowledge of geometry and linear algebra, and so these mathematical essentials will be introduced throughout the semester. As the topics are developed, the students see how they are realized in OpenGL and experiment with them through individual and group programming assignments.

CSIS-385 Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2003)

CSIS-110 Introduction to Computer Science (Spring 2003)