Dr. Darren Lim

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Contact Information

Office: Roger Bacon 316
Email: dlim at siena.edu
Phone: (518) 782-6807


Courses Taught

CSIS-010 Introduction to Computer Applications
CSIS-019 Advanced Programming: Tools and Tricks
CSIS-019 Computer Architecture
CSIS-019 Computer Science In Film
CSIS-019 Java for C++ Programmers
CSIS-019 Java Programming Review
CSIS-019 Competitive Programming
CSIS-110 Introduction to Computer Science
CSIS-115 Database Design and Applications for Business Students
CSIS-120 Introduction to Programming
CSIS-200 Bioinformatics
CSIS-225 Object-Oriented Design and Programming
CSIS-340 Programming Languages
CSIS-400 Bioinformatics
CSIS-400 App Development


Research and Interests

Computer Science Education
Machine Learning & Computational Linguistics
Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms

Publications and Posters

Refereed Journal Articles

G. Rusak and D.Lim "Come Code With Codester: An Educational App That Teached Computer Science to K-12 Students" To be published in Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2014

D. Lim “Lights…Camera…Computer Science: Using Films to Introduce Computer Science to Non-Majors”, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 23(5), May 2008, pp. 58-64.

D. Lim “A Ruby in the Rough: Using VHLLs in Bioinformatics”, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 21(6), June 2006, pp. 108-116.

E. Breimer, M. Goldberg, D. Hollinger, and D. Lim “Discovering Optimization Algorithms Through Automated Learning”, Graphs and Discovery: DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 69, 2005.

E. Breimer, M. Goldberg, and D. Lim “A Learning Algorithm for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem”, Journal of Experimental Algorithms 8, 2003.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

L. Mathews, S. Small and D. Lim “10 Weeks ‘Till TREC” NYCWiC (New York Celebration of Women in Computing) 2013, Albany, NY, April 19-20, 2013.

K. Appel, L. Mathews, D. Lim, and S. Small “Siena’s Twitter Information Retrieval System: The 2012 Microblog Track” TREC 2012 Proceedings, November 2012.

D. Lim “Taking Students Out for a Ride: Using a Boardgame to Teach Graph Theory”, SIG-CSE (Special Interest Group - Computer Science Education), Covington, KY, March 9-12, 2007.

M. Goldberg and D. Lim “VEDA: A New DNA Fragment Assembler”, BIOKDD-CBGI (Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining – Computational Biology and Genomic Informatics) 2003, Cary, NC, September 26-30, 2003.

M. Goldberg, D. Lim and M. Magdon-Ismail “A Learning Algorithm for String Assembly”, In Proceedings of BIOKDD (Biological Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics, San Francisco CA, August 2001.

M. Goldberg and D. Lim “A Learning Algorithm for the Shortest Superstring Problem”, CBGI (Computational Biology and Genomic Informatics) 2001, Raleigh, NC, March 15-17, 2001.