Advising for First Year Students

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What courses should I sign up for?

A first year CS major will typically take:

  • A Computer Science course (CSIS-110, CSIS-120, or CSIS-210, see diagram below)
  • Calculus I (MATH-110) or a higher level math course (MATH-120, or MATH-210) if you scored 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus exam
  • Foundations (FOUN-100)
  • Two core courses

Which Computer Science course do I sign up for?

Our department provides many options for entering the major, depending upon your background, whether you wish to exempt a CS course because of AP course background, and also your interests. Regardless of how you enter, you will progress in the core Computer Science course sequence, with the same options as your classmates.

Which theme for CSIS-110?

If you decide to take CSIS-110, we offer multiple sections of this course based on different themes. You may choose a theme that fits your interests (as long as seats are available in it). All sections cover the same core material, but they do so in the context of their theme. This fall we are offering two themes, which are briefly described below:

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