Computer Science Major

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The Computer Science Major leads to a Bachelors of Science degree where students learn fundamental mathematical, problem solving and computer programming concepts while immersing themselves in a core liberal arts curriculum.

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Major Requirements

Computer Science (35 credits minimum, 39 maximum)

  • CSIS-110 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSIS-120 Introduction to Programming
  • CSIS-210 Data Structures
  • CSIS-220 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
  • CSIS-225 Object-Oriented Design and Programming
  • CSIS-385 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSIS-410 Software Engineering I
  • CSIS-415 Software Engineering II
  • At least three upper-level CS electives numbered 300 or higher; maximum of 5 upper-level CS electives.

Mathematics (14 Credits)

  • MATH-110 Calculus I
  • MATH-120 Calculus II
  • MATH-250 Discrete Mathematics I
  • MATH-350 Discrete Mathematics II