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Computer Science at Siena

In our Introductory Computer Science course (CSIS-110), students edit images using the Python programming language and create multimedia videos using the Alice programming language.

With no prior programming experience, our students create multimedia projects in our first course. Our students have fun creating these, but don’t be fooled: these projects involve some serious coding techniques. Our students develop experience in program design, object-oriented programming, modular design, inheritance, and parameterized methods that they can leverage and further develop in the next courses.

Four years later, students learn so much that they work in professional consulting teams to design and build real software system in our Software Engineering course

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Think these were done using photo-editing software? Think again! First-year students wrote their own Python programs to alter individual pixels to create collages, altered images, and short videos.

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First-year students created these animations in Alice at the request of a nonprofit service organization, the Music Mobile. Our students used 3D Object-oriented programming techniques to animate Music Mobile songs. These animations are used in educational programs for inner-city children of Albany, to help strengthen community pride, civic cooperation, and respect